Synchronisation generator

Product referenceDescriptiionData sheet
SW1080Synchronization signal generator with (GPS, PPS, Havequick) & 8 configurable outputs (PPS, HVQ, ICD60, NMEA…)fp2108a1_SW1080_uk
TIB202Desktop IRIGB generator with USB interface. 1 PPS & IRIGB outputs.fp0250a2_TIB202_en
SG 110Time Generator synchronized to GNSS for industrial applications.
- Aluminum housing 160 x165x53 (DxWxH mm)
- LED indicators on front panel
- GNSS receiver with antenna and TNC connector
- 1 output 1PPS TTL, 1 TTL output 0-5V, 150 mA
- Location dedicated client for your High Voltage function
- Programmable Pulse between 1 pulse per second and 1 pulse per minute
- Programmable Pulse 1x day at specific hour / minute / second
- External power supply DC 9-36 volts comes with an AC adapter
- Connection for RS 232 console configuration and monitoring (no remote management software) and compatible with USB to RS232 adapter