Générateur de temps et fréquence asservis par GNSS

Product referenceDescriptiionData sheet
TMG1800GNSS disciplined Time & frequency generator, PPS,1x IRIGB122, 1x10 MHz outputs and NTP server. Rack 1Ufp2091a0_TMG1800_uk
TMG3400GNSS synchronised generator with disciplined 10 MHz low noise oscillator and NTP server, 4x10 MHz sine outputs , 2xPPS, 2xIRIGB122, 1xIRIGB002 outputs ,1U 19'' rack.fp2059a1_TMG3400_uk
TMG5000GNSS/IRIG-B synchronised generator with 8 programmables outputs. 10 MHz, IRIGB122 and DCLS and sync signals outputs. NTP server. Rack 1Ufp2087a2_TMG5000_uk