Anti Spoofing Option

What is GPS/GNSS spoofing?

Radio interference can overpower weak GNSS signals, causing satellite signal loss and potentially loss of timing. During a spoofing attack a radio transmitter located nearby sends fake GPS signals into the target receiver.

GPS spoofing should not be confused with GPS jamming, which is the practice of sending a strong radio signal that blocks “all” incoming GPS satellite signals from reaching GPS-capable devices in an area altogether, effectively shutting down GPS navigation, rather than making small modifications.


TimeLink is pleased to introduce its new anti-spoofing feature. As a matter of fact TimeLink equipments are by design capable of detecting spoofing and act against it.

The Anti-Spoofing option detects timing anomaly and stop synchronizing on the suspected source using either another time source if the equipment is multi-source capable or its embedded pilot to maintain the timing signal integrity.