Galileo Ready as a Time Source

TimeLink has made extensive testing on its TMG product line using Galileo service. All newly introduced TimeLink products are Galileo Ready and thus are already receiving Galileo messages for timing and synchronization. Being Multiconstellation the products can select multiple or specific constellation by configuration.

The testing made in July 2018 by TimeLink in Toulouse using its TMG test equipment in GALILEO mode only is showing that accurate synchronization could be achieved (+-100ns from UTC was achieved over several days). Nevertheless “not enough satellites” conditions were encountered several times which did lead to TimeLink system going into holdover mode and also potentially make it difficult to synchronize the equipment in the first place at boot.

Using the TMG equipment within the GPS+GALILEO mode is showing perfect results in terms of synchronization and boot time and provide the advantage of adding additional anti-spoofing capability thanks to GALILEO.

In conclusion as of today, using GALILEO only as a synchronization source is too early but using GPS+GALILEO mode is already a good option. Please contact Timelink microsystems for any further information.