PCIe IRIG B / PPS Synchronization board – Universal Time (UT), Countdown (CD) and UT+CD composite code

TMC2203x400The TMC2203 card is a synchronization card in PCI EXPRESS format allowing and providing a time base of good stability from an IRIG B type synchronization source.Time.

Signal Input

1 KHz sinusoidal signal modulated in amplitude1 / 3, 1/1 Level 0.5 to 6 V peak-peaks, Isolated by transformer Impedance 600 Ohms
Signal DCLS level TTL or RS422 (coming).

Time Codes

Compatible with IRIG B12x (x = 0 to 3) according to standard IRIG STANDARD 200-98, AFNOR and IEEE1344
TD, H0 and TU / TD composite time code.

Access to information

The card incorporates registers that allow access to time information on the fly and to program modes of operation.Linux and Windows drivers available as well as examples of code to manage card resources


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