Set up in 1978 in Toulouse under the brand name MICROSYSTEMES the company has reorganized into two operating subsidiaries

based in Toulouse, combines the studies and design unit, the manufacturing of products and systems as well as commercial support for France.

It’s an active member of the regional quantum technology cluster and the regional PRIMUS defense cluster.
Based in Brussels and responsible for developing the commercial activity to the BENELUX countries (BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, LUXEMBURG) and western Germany.


TimeLink microsystems focus in the development of complex systems where time plays a critical role.
TimeLink microsystems fully designs, manufactures and supports its line of products in-house.
Thanks to those overall capabilities, TimeLink microsystems can also design per customer specification.

Timelink microsystems is leader in the generation, synchronization and distribution of accurate time and frequency signals.
We design, manufacture and market atomic clocks, network synchronization and timing solutions used in telecom networks, space, defense and avionics systems. Our customers include network service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, enterprises, as well as government and research facilities.

Strategic goals

The company is ISO-9001 certified, on the way to ISO-14001 certification and constantly works to improve its products and services to customers.

We develop highly flexible product Line which can easily adjust to ouf customer needs.