TimeLink modular line

The TIMELINK concept is designed to answer various requirements in terms of frequency and time generation and distribution over different
formats and protocols.
The TIMELINK line is characterised by modularity, flexibility and versatility as well as low cost and easier maintenance operations.






 Example of Central Processing Unit and Power supply module

Both 3U and 6U rack mounts are used, depending on the number of modules required. The equipment depth is 359 mm, and the modules are compliant with format standard DIN 100 x 160 mm.
The modules width is: 6 TE that is 6 x 5.08 = 30.4 mm. 2x6TE or 3x6TE width are used for some specific modules (Power supply, Rubidium oscillator…)
As the useful width of the rack is 84 TE, 14 modules of 6 TE widths could be plugged together.
A handful is used for module removal.



Front face of the 6U Timelink 2
The 3U Timelink2 model for UT, coutdown & H0 management
Rear face of the Timellink2 unit showing modules