Timing Box tool : IRIGB Analog/DCLS test unit


This product allows generation and decoding of differents time code signals and protocols used for development and test of time dependant systems.The TIB (acronym for TimingBox) use an USB link to dialog with a Windows or Linux PC . The PC runs the software wcich control and implement the TIB.
Small size, ease of installation and use make it an economic and essential mean for labs, factory and after sales teams.










Data sheet: fp0250a2_TIB202_en


Using the same form factor and PC control as the TIB202, the TIB203 and TIB303 are a generator and a receptor capable of handling major STANAG codes for test purposes. Available time codes are IRIGB002, STANAG-4372, STANAG-4430, HQII, ICD-GPS-060, and NMEA ZDA.

Data sheet (French version) : fp0250a2_TIB203

Data sheet (French version) : fp0250a2_TIB303