Optical fiber Generator, Distributor & Transport

Product referenceDescriptionData sheet
TMG1410GNSS synchronised generator, 2 optical IRIGB006 outputs multimode fiber. PPS and NTP outputs. IRIGB006 optical input for redundant mode. 1U rack.fp2110a0_TMG1410_uk
TMG1410-OPT1PULSAR 511 -SC cut -high stability oscillator OPTIONfp2110a0_TMG1410_uk
TMO1045IRIGB126 time code distributor. 1 optical input and 12xIRIGB126 outputs. 1U rack.fp2076a1_TMD2112
TMO1145IRIGB126 time code distributor. 1 optical input and 12xIRIGB0066 outputs. 1U rack.fp2076a1_TMD2112
TMO2253Mixed time code distributor. 1xB006 optical input, 5xB006 optical outputs, 6xIRIGB126 50 Ohms/BNC outputs, 1 IRIGB126 600 Ohms isolated outputfp2076a1_TMD2112
SR1312-T-1GNSS optical transmitter unit. GNSS antenna input with TNC connector. Optical output with FC2000 optical connector. 1U rack.fp2028a0_SR1312_uk
SR1312-R-8GNSS optical receiver unit. GNSS optical input with FC2000 connector. 8 GNSS signal outputs with TNC connector. 1U rack.fp2028a0_SR1312_uk
TMO3000-T/RSignal transport over optical fiber - monomode or multimode up to 50km - well suited to time code transportationfp2157a1_TM03000